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Valentine's Day

A day of love.




But what does Valentine Day really signify?

A day where you open your heart to someone

Someone you admire.

Someone you always wish the best for.

Someone who has been there for you thin and thick.

Why not this year, you open your hearts to yourself!

Praise your internal love and wellbeing for yourself.

Admire yourself for how far you’ve come.

How far you have grown. 

You don’t need someone to company you on Valentine Day’s.

It’s a universal theme.

Bipolar Lullaby

Counting sheep

Chase the thoughts

And shutdown my racing mind.

Counting the flock just doesn’t stop

Those endless thoughts of mine.

Enter baa baa black sheep

In a small prescription form.

He comes in twos, but I make him four

When I crack him always in half,

Or grind him up in sleepy time tea

A dash of milk and local honey.

So baa baa black sheep chase the thoughts,

The duties of the day.

You are faster than the flock,

Who let my shutdown get away.