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Sarah Freeman

Sarah Freeman is an Australian lawyer and journalist now living in the US:

“Moving overseas was the culmination of my worse ever manic episode. I threw away my marriage, my career, my savings – my whole life. It should have ended in disaster but there was a silver lining. My world fell apart so completely that I ended up in psychiatric care, and was finally diagnosed with bipolar disorder. I was well into my forties and my diagnosis came just in time to save my life. Now, six years later I am stable and well and have never been happier.”

Sarah is the author of the best selling e-book “The Bipolar Diet” and operates the Bipolar Lives website (, a unique combination of personal stories, practical tools and up-to-date information on many aspects of living successfully with bipolar disorder. She is also the donor and administrator of the Bipolar Lives Scholarship, established in 2008 to support higher education for students with bipolar disorder.


I was diagnosed when I was 17. I'm 56 and have been stable since I quit drinking 16 yrs. ago. I also was in treatment and on meds.

Recently I stopped taking my meds and began to believe I didn't need them anymore, maybe. This was something I told myself I would NEVER do again--stop taking my meds--after the last manic episode took it's toll. I thought God had removed my disease. I found your article The BiPolar Christian and it convinced me to call the psychiatrist I used to see and ask for a prescription. I'll start taking my meds again tomorrow. I just spend a lovely summer on a lake and have felt really good--now I'm back home in NYC and I suddenly feel low. I know believe it's unwise for me to think I can handle this alone--or to believe God wants me off my medication.

Thank you for writing that article. I also want to improve the way I eat, as I know when I'm eating healthily it improves my mood.

Hi Sarah,

I really want to thank you personally for writing your mood/food book which helped me (alongside a plethora of pills) to regain my health and lose alot of weight. This was in 2012 after I admitted myself to a clinic in Sept 2011 begging for help. That was a pretty gruesome but necessary experience and I have written my own story which I hope will one day help as any people as you have and are continuing to help. I wrote in asking to be a volunteer as I live in Belgium and really want to do something constructive and educational. I too am a (former) lawyer, but these days after the bipolar calamity I walk dogs for a living which is really rather lovely. Anyway I reference your book throughout my website and I am extremely grateful.

Anyway it seems I will be returning to your book as sadly due to seroquel I gained the 15 kilos and more that I lost, also post divorce and raising my lovely daughter single handedly. I wish I could summon the same motivation as I had a few years ago ! OK TIME TO START EATING THE SUPER FOODS AND AVOIDING THE DIRTY DOZEN !!

Wishing you well, Scarlet

I would love to purchase your book as we have bipolar in our family. We are all very mood driven people. Including moods changing if we eat certain foods. This has made certain family members become overweight! I would love to help my family.
Sue Frain

Its heartless that you charge a fee for the eBook on how to win a claim for disability benefits. You know if trying to get these benefits that means funds are limited, you've gotten bitten by the American greed bug.

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