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side effects

Good-bye Medication, Hello Withdrawal

I have Bipolar II. Usually, I am well managed by a combination of medications and counseling. I do not usually battle extremes because usually my meds work. But not today.

Today, electricity pulses just underneath my skin, racing from my fingertips to my toes and back again. I tremor. My legs and my arms betray my will to remain motionless; nstead they shake uncontrollably. Thoughts of varying lengths and value flash in my mind one after the other. Anxiety creeps behind my eyes and rattles my brain.

Which Came First

We often hear people speak of the “chicken or the egg” theory.  Which came first?  The same can be asked of which comes first in people that are both overweight and depressed.  Which came first?  I know that I was overweight as a child.  Was I depressed as I child?  I don’t necessarily think so, but I am both depressed and overweight as an adult. 

The Side Effects of Side Effects

“I’d rather been skinny and crazy than fat and sane.”

And that is no joke. We talk about side effects of our medications but what about the side effects we get from the side effects of your medication. I’m talking about fat. Yup. A woman’s favorite word to hate:

F A T. 

Are you feeling the effect of side effects?

Are side effects getting you down? Almost every medication out there comes with some sort of side effect. As people with mental illness we take our share of medication on a routine basis so we are very well aware of all the different changes that can occur. With each new medication it seems comes a new array of possible side effects and we as dependents on our medications have to learn to live with these effects. We each hope as we start a new medication that this time it won’t be as bad or maybe even we’ll get lucky and it will be nothing at all.