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How I Built My Support System

“Get a support system.” That seems to be the number one thing I have heard since being diagnosed with bipolar disorder. I would look at doctors and therapists and tell them I didn’t have anyone. What about family? No. Spouse? No. Friends? They wouldn’t understand. 

New Phone?

While my blog started out as a place to vent and rave I have discovered that by just regurgitating my daily events I am no longer getting much out of it. As a result I have decided to change my blog into a more 'self-help' place where I can share my thoughts about a semi-daily topic and share my personal experiences. I thought no better way to start this new trend off than the topic of the day, how to deal with a diagnosis. Being diagnosed with a mental illness often resembles getting a new phone.

I Need To Hold It Together

Recently my seven year old was rushed to the emergency room. In the past two weeks this kid has been poked with needles, had ultrasounds done, been seen by numerous doctors, and is scheduled for more tests to figure out what has caused her medical issues and how to go about treating them. When our children become ill and we’re feeling helpless, we have to dig deep to hold things together not for only that child, but for the rest of the family as well. I am finding this quite difficult to do. Speaking with my own doctor about what’s been going on, he has upped my own meds a bit to help get t

As a Bipolar Mom

As a bipolar Mom, I truly believe that parents that are coping with bipolar disorder have an extra obstacle that they must overcome at times. They must learn how to manage their own illness when they are symptomatic and still be effective parents. I think for most of us, we have the parenting part down and it comes easily for us when we are not going through an episode. But when those episodes hit, and most of the time they hit hard, how do we be awesome parents and still manage our symptoms?

Feeling Honored

Three years ago when I started this blog, my intent was to help as many bipolar parents as I possibly could. I wanted to share my experiences and feelings in hopes that others may be able to use what I am going through to feel less alone and be able to cope just a little bit better. Never did I dream that a year later I would be writing a book Moorestorms A Guide for the Bipolar Parent and reaching even more parents.

Remembering Those In Mental Health Facilities

I am going to touch upon a subject in which I might offend someone I know. I’m willing to take this chance, however, for if I influence anyone who may someday take action if given the chance, I will be thrilled. If someone you know is hospitalized in a locked-down mental health ward and she is allowing visitors, GO FOR A BRIEF VISIT!
If someone you know is hospitalized in a locked-down mental health ward and is not allowing visitors, SEND HER A CARD OR SMALL GIFT, OR CALL TO LEAVE YOUR FRIEND A MESSAGE! 

Anti-Stigma Educational Video

This video is designed to illustrate that individuals diagnosed with bipolar disorder can lead productive and fulfilling lives. Like any medical condition, with proper treatment and lifestyle management our love ones can accomplish extraordinary things. Help IBPF eliminate social stigma associated with bipolar disorder. Share this video with family and friends.