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weight gain

Which Came First

We often hear people speak of the “chicken or the egg” theory.  Which came first?  The same can be asked of which comes first in people that are both overweight and depressed.  Which came first?  I know that I was overweight as a child.  Was I depressed as I child?  I don’t necessarily think so, but I am both depressed and overweight as an adult. 

Bipolar Disorder and Weight Gain

I hear about this so much, people hate the weight gain side effects of medication. I will be honest with you, I hate it too. However, I have learned the hard way. The most impulsive and manic thing I have ever done is get liposuction after gaining 36lbs from medication. I charged it on three credit cards. My medications caused increased appetite and not only that I am an emotional eater. Usually, after gorging my meals and heavy snacks, I just end up with eater’s guilt.