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Zoe DeCicco

My name is Zoe DeCicco. I was diagnosed with bipolar disorder type 1 in 2013, after 20 years of living with a diagnosis of depression and borderline personality disorder. My moods change rapidly and I have very little time outside my either mixed or depressive episodes. 

I also experience panic disorder and generalized anxiety, which can be equally debilitating. Sometimes I can’t leave my house, or hold conversations with people. 

I have been hospitalized seven times so far, and each time I hope it is the last. I am still working with my psychiatrist to find the right medication combination for me, and hopefully one day we will finally be successful. 

I am 35 years old and happily married. I am British but I currently live in Nebraska, USA. I am a military spouse so my lifestyle is one of constant change. This is an on-going challenge for me. 

I find it hard to work due to my health, so I try to find other ways to fill my life and make it worthwhile. I foster cats and pet sit, write for blogs such as this one, cook vegetarian food and go for lots of walks. I find joy in nature, animals, creativity, good friends and family. They get me through the long days; along with books, thrift stores, essential oils, and tea.


Thank u Zoe for sharing your it seems very simular to mine, I was diagnosed in 2014, with bipolar 1 manic depressive and I am 38, struggle on a daily basis, started new meds. Struggling to find the right job for me.

You're very welcome. Keep on fighting!!

Excellent blog. You definately have great writing skills. It took years for me to get properly diagnosised. I am Bipolar II. I wouldn't wish this illness on my worst illnesd. But I wouldn't know anything else but this unique self. I am highly creative. My gift of Art is very healing.

Thank you for you kind words.

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