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18 Ways to Distract from Anxiety

We reached out to members of our audience for suggestions on how to best deal with day-to-day anxiety. Distraction was by far the most common response, so we broke those answers out here into these 18 ways to distract from anxiety:

1. Listen to soothing music

2. Cuddle with pets

3. Eat your favorite snack or have a cup of tea

Profundity Is Not On Today's Menu

I had great aspirations to write a high-quality bipolar-themed blog post last weekend.  I envisioned typing a few paragraphs filled with a pearl of wisdom or two that I’ve learned since I started recovering from bipolar depression.

It ain't gonna happen.  I've given up.  I realized that I need a levity break.  Summer is in the air and in my brain, and it's going to be over 90 degrees where I live today! 

Co-existing Disease

As you may have noticed I haven’t been keeping up with my blog. Unfortunately I’ve been dealing with multiple hospitalizations for my bipolar disorder as well as my eating disorder. I was at John Hopkins from June-September 2013, and was at the Princeton Eating Disorder Unit in February of this year.