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Couples Counseling

Couples Counseling: What’s It All About and Should You Go?

Valentine’s Day is all about the romantic, idealistic side of love. While it can be fun and meaningful to celebrate your relationship with your spouse or partner (if you have one), the reality is that relationships can be hard. The Hollywood, happily-ever-after ideal image of relationships makes for enjoyable movies, but it’s not realistic—in the real world it takes a lot of awareness and maturity to maintain a healthy relationship. 

What If He Won't Commit to Regular Counseling

“You’re right, I’m a terrible mother, I’m a horrible wife, I just can’t do anything right!” I confessed as I faced my husband following his recital of my shortcomings after coming home to a messy house and 2 unkept daughters. 

That night I decided that my husband and daughters would be better off without me.  I left my home and began walking the cold winter streets wearing an old coat only partially buttoned because of my rounded belly finally ending up sleeping in the basement of a stranger who took compassion on me.