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Courtney Davey

Forming Relationships with Bipolar Disorder

Relationships can be full of ups, downs, stress, excitement, and everything in between. From family relationships that have been lifelong, to platonic friendships that withstand the test of time, to romantic relationships that take us to a new level of emotional intimacy, relationships require above all an awareness of self and the other person. Being in tune to your emotional needs and desires as well as the needs of the other person is the foundation to having a successful relationship. For someone living with bipolar disorder, this may include an additional challenge.

Courtney Davey, MA, MFT

Courtney Davey is a marriage and family therapist in Philadelphia, PA. She earned her Masters from La Salle University in Marriage and Family Therapy. Her work and interests focus on anxiety and mood disorders in couples and sex therapy.  She currently works with both inpatient and outpatient populations promoting safety, positive decision making, and improving communication.