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Emily FInnemore

What Recovery Means To Me

We can live full, successful lives, even if we have been diagnosed with bipolar disorder. We cannot forget that recovery is possible, and that we have control over our own recovery. The first step in taking control of your recovery is defining what recovery means to you. 

Emily Finnemore

I am Emily. My onset of bipolar disorder was most likely in my childhood. I was always different: I thought differently, reacted differently, and exhibited my emotions differently. My parents first sought help for me in 4th grade, the year I developed anorexia. For the next 9 years I would fight all attempts of treatment and put myself in some very risky situations. It wasn’t until I went to college in 2006 that I realized if I wanted a “normal successful life” I needed to get help. The word bipolar was never mentioned to me until much later.