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Heather Foster

Silent Killer of the Greats: How to Honor Robin Williams

The day Robin Williams passed away my husband woke me up from an impromptu nap. I had a rough day and I was very tired. The first words I heard from my nap were “Robin Williams passed away”. How? “Apparent suicide” he replied. 

Now I don’t normally get emotional over a celebrity passing, as each life is just as precious, but this hit my quite hard. Robin Williams’ comedic prowess saved me from terrible days. I remember watching The Birdcage to lift my spirits after a hard day. 

Why I Tell Everyone That I Have Bipolar Disorder

Why wouldn’t I? 

I am a very blunt and honest person and I don’t often beat around the bush. I do not ever make excuses for who I am…to anyone. Why would I ever hide a very important part of me? 

Heather Foster

My name is Heather Foster. I am happily married to my husband Joe and I have 2 beautiful children (or heathens depending on the day) Gabriel and Emilia.

I have Bipolar 1 (rapid cycle). Borderline Personality Disorder and PTSD. Fun right?

I want to show people you can be an amazing mom, awesome person and have a mental illness.

My goal is to be a small part in changing the way people see mental illness and to help make life easier for people like me.