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Jae Taylor

Successful Relapse

It isn't enough to just have a mental illness in your life. There is so much to balance: learning coping skills, managing medications, managing medication side effects, identifying triggers so you're prepared for them when they hit, advocating for yourself because there's a whole bunch of people who don't understand mental illness at all, etc. The list goes on and on. If you're lucky, you have most of this under control. You might also have a solid support base you can turn to for help.  

Parenting Made Interesting

For parents taking care of a child who has autism, life is an everyday challenge. Sometimes, it's good. Other times, not so much. But what if you're a single parent? What if you're a single parent who has bipolar disorder? What would it be like then? With my son and me, I'd say the answer is … interesting.

Jae Taylor

Starting off with the basics, I'm a mother of three boys (mere words can't describe them) ages 21, 15 and 12. They all have ADHD, and one has autism. I've also unofficially “adopted” one or two other people. It’s a thing that just sort of happens.