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Krystal Reddick

Bipolar Warrior vs. Bipolar Sufferer

I am an avid Instagram user. I love taking photographs of everything, whether it’s my meals, my outfits (aka #ootd - outfit of the day), my travels or my outings. Just in case you’re not familiar with the app, on Instagram, the user can include a brief bio at the top of his or her page. I've seen users include links to their websites as well as use adjectives and identifiers that capture who they are. My bio reads: "Auntie Extraordinaire. Educator. Foodie-in-Training. Bibliophile. Traveler. Proud Nerd. Future Social Worker. Bipolar Warrior. Blogger." 

Mania: the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

I consider mania to be the forgotten orphan of the two poles of bipolar disorder – with depression being the most discussed. Depression gets all the attention, all the talk, all the focus and mania is left out in the cold. On the International Bipolar Foundation’s (IBPF) website, the IBPF’s bloggers have written 77 articles about depression and only 15 about mania. 

How to Support a Loved One Dealing with Mania

Sometimes mania seems like the ugly stepchild of the bipolar duo of mania and depression. Depression seems to get all the hype, all the attention. And mania sits in a corner like Baby from Dirty Dancing. 

But if any of you have seen a loved one (or you yourself) have experienced a manic episode, then you know mania is not some passive, quiet, meek stepchild. 

Acupuncture: One Consumer’s Behind-the-Scenes View

The thought of having tiny needles placed all over your body willy-nilly doesn’t sound appealing at all. Lucky for you, acupuncture is a lot more strategic than that. But you’re probably wondering: “Why would I want to get acupuncture in the first place?” 

Great! Hold that question. 

Krystal Reddick

Krystal Monique Reddick was diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder I in 2007, at the age of 23. So she’s had nearly a decade to learn her disorder. She is an educator, mental health blogger, and Master’s in Social Work graduate student. After teaching for seven years in K-12 classrooms, she wants to be a psychotherapist. In addition to the International Bipolar Foundation, she also blogs at Manic Monique's Meanderings and for the Huffington Post