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Maricela Estrada

Inner-healing, Spirituality and Self-love

New Years is a time for a new beginning and a fresh start. It is a time to let go of the pain from our past and focus on today, now, and the future. I have a lot of pain from my past, depression, fear, psychosis, anxiety, emotional eating, and low self-esteem. 2013 is about improvement and progression in my journey of mental health recovery. I’m going to let go of my past and focus on three key coping skills-inner healing, spirituality, and self-love. 

The Gift

I used to call it a curse and I hated myself for it. Having bipolar used to give me shame and stigma. However, what I didn’t know is that it would transform my life into abundance, strength and hope. I was only eighteen years old when I got diagnosed. That was thirteen years ago.