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Patricia Potts

Not a Problem for Today

I'm not sure where I learned this string of 5 words but it has been a mighty big help in my life! 

Reschedule Your Worries

Are you worried?  Thinking about a loved one or trouble at work? Worried about something you are in charge of or a relationship problem? Have you ever considered "rescheduling" your worry? Can you give yourself 5 minutes to worry about it today then open up your calendar and reschedule a "worry time" a day or a week from now? 

How to Deal with A Negative Person

My daughter was having challenges with her boss.  Despite her best efforts all she got was verbal and non-verbal criticism. “I don’t like that…you need to do it my way…you’re not good enough.” Although she is naturally a positive person, every time her boss came around her shoulders would sag, her nerves would tighten and her day would turn downward.  This went on for weeks then months till she finally felt that either she or her boss would explode.

EFT- Emotional Freedom Technique - a 6 minute therapy?

What is EFT? It is a type of therapy used for physical and emotional pain.  It utilizes acupressure from the east along with the “power of thoughts” from the west and creates a usable technique that can be used quickly and effectively. 

EFT helps us get from the “fight or flight” mode into the “relaxation” mode.  Women who give birth naturally have learned to do this.  We can too. 

Hinges of Marriage

“We don’t have anything in common” my friend lamented, “sometimes I wonder why we even stay together.” 

As I listened I absently glanced at our white patio doors with it’s 3 hinges. “Well” I shared with sudden inspiration “it only takes three hinges to hold a door open.” 


This post is written from a Christian perpective. 

Terrific Tools: Peddling Prayer

During my recovery from bipolar illness my therapist suggested that I increase my physical and spiritual health.  He said I should establish routines that could make daily prayer and exercise something I could look forward to (are you kidding me?) 

After many starts and stops and several years I finally found what works for me.  I want to share it with you. 

Proud to Be Bipolar

Several women sat in straight rows at the church waiting for the meeting to begin.  My friend, Joann, introduced me, “We just had to ask Patricia to come and speak with us tonight because she is so experienced in depression.”  This brought a chuckle to the group as I stood to share my story.

Patricia Potts

Patricia Potts is a seasoned speaker and writer. She was diagnosed as bipolar in the 1990’s. During that time she authored the book My Journey from Darkness to Light to teach people to understand and successfully live with bipolar illness. She wrote First-Aid for Feelings while she was involved in a twelve-step program that helped her manage her illness. She writes and speaks so she can share her first-hand experiences while passing on the secrets of learning to recover one step at a time, one idea at a time.