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Scott Walker

70,000 Thoughts Per Day

I’ve read in many places that the average person has around 70,000 thoughts per day. You may have already heard this. That is a huge number! Seventy thousand. 

It’s also been said that the typical person has more negative than positive thoughts.  And for those of us diagnosed with bipolar disorder, there is a good chance that we may be having more negative thoughts than the average person out there. 

What does this mean? 

Who Do You Support?

In the past week I had an in-depth conversation about bipolar disorder with a friend of mine who knows very little about it. I appreciated her honesty and being open to learn about something that has been a big part of my life. One question that she asked me really stuck out. 

“What assisted you the most in getting out of depression?” 

After briefly thinking about it I answered “supporting other people." 

What Tools Do You Use to Manage Bipolar?

What Tools Do You Consistently Use to Effectively Manage Your Bipolar Disorder? 

The intention of this post is to get people sharing what works for them.  And for those who are not as far along in their path to mental stability and wellness, it can serve as ideas and/or inspiration of strategies or tools to consider incorporating into your life. 

At present I use a variety of tools to be very holistically healthy overall and mentally stable.  That being said, I am always open to new ideas!   

Happiness Jar

This is a tool that I learned about on a Facebook post late last year written by Elizabeth Gilbert, the author who wrote “Eat Pray Love”.  I’ve been consistently using this tool since January 1, 2015 and am grateful to have come across it! This tool helps anyone, and can potentially be very beneficial to those of us diagnosed with bipolar disorder. 

What is a happiness jar? 

It is a way to have a visual reminder of happy moments in your daily matter how big or small. 

How do I keep a happiness jar? 

Lift Me Up File

The purpose of this tool is to be reminded of good things that people have said about us.  When I've felt low in the past and taken a look through this file, it has helped to improve my mood. 

This tool consists of both a physical file folder and a digital folder in your email, or somewhere in your computer. 

Benefits of Having a Label

January 28, 2015 was Bell Let’s Talk Day in Canada.  It’s an initiative by a major company to get more people talking about mental health.  The intention is to reduce stigma and raise awareness.  Bell donated five cents towards mental health programs for every social media share, text, tweet, or call made on that day.  It’s growing every year and over $6,000,000 was raised in 2015 from this.  Programs like Bell Let’s Talk Day are helping Canadians to become more accepting of mental illness and also reduce the labeling of persons diagnosed with such. 

15 Seconds of Uninterrupted Positive Thought

I am fortunate to be mentally stable and manage my bipolar disorder well.  That being said I sometimes have a tendency to not always have a positive mindset throughout my day.  At times negative things that people say or do bother me and I’m not able to let go of them quickly. 

How Closely Do You Follow The News?

For a number of years I worked in the financial industry and HAD to closely follow the news to be well-informed.  Near the end of that time I started taking various self-improvement courses and started having different sessions with various non-traditional medical professionals.  The topic of negative input going into my mind came up consistently.  News was always one of the major culprits being near or at the top of the list.  In one of the courses we were asked to not follow the news for 30 go on a “news fast”.  When I first heard that I thought doing so would

How Many Incompletes Do You Have?

Like many or most of you, I have ideas popping into my head all the time.  They range from simple things like sending a text or email to someone to just say hi, all the way to new businesses that I’d love to start up.  I also have projects at home that I start with gusto...some of them get completed and some of them don’t.