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Taylor Rios

Reentering The Workforce

Bipolar disorder is different for everyone. Some can continue working, others must file for disability, and then there are those that are somewhere in between, or who come up with alternative ways to generate income. What happens when someone decides to reenter the workforce after several years? 

Bipolar Disorder: Benefits and Difficulties of Routines

Besides medication, there are several ways an individual can help ease the symptoms of bipolar disorder. One of those is by establishing and maintaining a regular routine. There are a lot of benefits to routines and schedules.  However, it can be difficult for some of us to stick with it. Why is this the case and is there anything that can help? 

What Is a Routine? How Is It Different Than a Schedule? 

More Than Meds

Bipolar disorder is a complex and difficult condition. Even after getting stabilized, we still have to work so hard to keep things going in the right direction. For me, medication is necessary, but the best advice I ever received was from a psychiatrist and it had nothing to do with pills. 

Taylor Rios

Taylor is a wife and mother of two special needs children. She is also a self-employed writer, editor, nature photographer, and social media manager. Diagnosed with Bipolar Type 1 in 2004, she strives to help others live the best life possible while managing the symptoms. In her free time, she enjoys camping, hiking, reading, and working on creative home projects. She also spends a lot of time hanging out with her Boston Doxie, Pongo.