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Teresa Smeigh

Are You Ready For A Diagnosis?

Do you feel down? Would you rather spend your life in bed 24 hours a day? How about your quality of life – are you feeling worthless, irritable, or hopeless? Perhaps you have feelings of suicide – if you do please call the nearest friend, suicide help line, or go to the nearest hospital emergency department immediately. 

Staying In-Patient In A Psychiatric Ward

My bedroom was full of figures. I knew I wasn’t dreaming – I was wide awake and had the light on. 

The noises were extra loud. I thought the hourly trains were blowing their horns over and over. The airport was louder than ever as well, with planes taking off constantly. 

I also swore I was God. I had just come back to my belief in God and had given myself God status. 

What I Wish I Knew Before I Was Diagnosed With Bipolar

I was born in the mid 1950’s when mental illness just wasn’t talked about. I wish that I could have had advice about the bipolar disorder I struggled with prior to my diagnosis. Perhaps it would have brought some ease to the fear I was experiencing. 

Noise Sensitivity During Mania

Loud noises bother me to the point of rage during certain moods. If I am near switching moods to mania the noise will send me into mania quicker and launch a case of full-blown rage. I also think the constant assault on my ears can trigger an episode of mania even if I wasn’t ready to switch moods. 

I am hearing more and more about people with this trouble with bipolar. Noise has bothered me for as long as I can think of, but I never put two and two together until I started reading more about it. I am constantly learning about my bipolar and read everything I can. 

Explore Your Options For Affordable Psychiatric Care

My first instinct when realizing I needed psychiatric help because I was having a breakdown, was to call my company’s EAP (Employee’s Assistance Program). I was lost and they advertised at work that this program could help with many different things, one of them being depression.

I thought I was suffering from depression, so I called the program. I was not only provided with four free therapy sessions, they made the calls and made an appointment for me.

Support For Suicidal Thoughts and Actions

Suicide is a permanent solution to what, with the proper help, could be a short-term situation. It needn't be permanent. Seek the help and support you need.

When I attempted suicide, I caught my support system off guard, including my doctors and psychiatric nurse. I had kept my feelings to myself. I survived the next day, so I called my kids and had them all crying. My daughter, the nurse, immediately took control and took me to the ER.

Family: My Circle of Support

A good support system can mean the difference between living a possibly comfortable life and suffering alone without help. We who suffer know that support is important, but so many people just don't have access to acceptable support or even a partial support situation. It is such a shame to see people who don't even have familial support, let alone a doctor.

Bipolar Diversity – Friends With Significantly Different Insights

Society likes to group everyone with bipolar together. They insist we are all alike. We are all violent. Every time something violent is done in this country it is blamed on bipolar. The person must certainly have bipolar. I can't speak for others, but for me, it gets pretty tiresome constantly being in the group that is responsible for all violence. I am far from violent. I am as non-violent as you can get. 

Bipolar Disorder is Ageless

Bipolar Disorder is a disorder seen throughout the aging process. It can start in childhood and continue on through into senior citizens. It is not just a disorder for young adults, criminals and the rich and famous. 

5 Ways Service Dogs Can Help People Living With Bipolar Disorder

Can those with psychiatric disorders such as bipolar disorder benefit from interaction with animals? For most people the answer is a resounding “YES!” There are an increasing number of dogs being trained to assist individuals with a range of disabilities. 

It has been noted through many types of studies that service dogs have a positive impact on an individuals' health, psychological well-being, social interactions, performance of activities and participation in various life roles at home and in the community.