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Virginia Gibb

Stigma Society

“Oh Wow! So this whole time I was actually just stupid?!” Well hell, had I known that, I wouldn’t have needed to take my meds. What a relief. So I’ll go speak to my psychiatrist and ask them how to get “un-stupid” and then I’ll be cured! Said no-one ever.   

It's All Good

I am a mom of three kids – four if you count my bipolar disorder, which can act just as (if not more) juvenile than my kids sometimes. I also take care of my two aging in-laws; they are both 73 years old. Then, of course, I am a wife. 

You Are a Rock Star

Hey! Hey you! Yeah, I’m talking to you over there. The one with bipolar disorder. The one that constantly looks down on themselves and wishes they were someone else. The one that wonders what happened in their life to deserve this wretched beast of an illness. I’m talking to the one that thinks about dying more than living, and who struggles some days even to get out of bed. I am talking to you guys over there as well, family and friends, who care for and about all of us. I’m talking to the ones who are facing hospitalization even as we speak.

Virginia Gibb

Hi! My name is Virginia Gibb. I am 37 years old. I live with my loving husband, my husband’s elderly parents and our three beautiful children in Huntersville, North Carolina. I’m a stay at home Mom, as well as an independent designer for a custom jewelry company. When I have time, I enjoy writing poetry and children’s stories with the help of my daughter. I also love to draw, paint, sing and dream.