Finals are the dreading exams we take at the end of each semester that not only covers four months worth of material in 50 questions, but covers a large sum of our overall grades. The intense pressure to do well on finals is a nightmare for any college student, but for a student with bipolar disorder, it could be lead to anger, anxiety, sleepless nights, irritations or even a trip to the doctor. 

Before I go any further, I would like to introduce myself. I’m bipolar bear, not a real bear, but a bear in disguise. My disguised bear costume is only for show, show for the outside world. However, in the inside, I’m a 22 years old college student who is just about to finish her chemistry degree. I was diagnosed with bipolar I with psychosis during my sophomore year of college. Lead me to drop out of college for quite some time, but eventually when medications started tweaking my impaired neurotransmitter, I started college again. I reentered college taking one of the toughest classes most pre-medical students take: Organic Chemistry. College is tough for anyone, but how does a student who just got diagnosed with bipolar I jungle college classes and the harmful side effects of her new medications? 

One word: Pace. 
• Living with bipolar disorder is not easy.
• Living with bipolar and going to college isn’t easy either.
• The deadlines, the long lectures, the exams, and the list goes on.
• However, it’s manageable.
• Learn to work around yourself.
• Work at your own approach.
• Work at your own time.
• And most importantly, listen to yourself.
• The key is to understand when to stop and when to continue.
• Bipolar disorder is an extremely dangerous illness when it is triggered. 
• I have had several outbursts because I dragged things to the last minute. 
• Avoid letting your symptoms get worse by managing to keep a consistent schedule of your study times.
• You will have some good days and some bad days.
• USE THOSE GOOD DAYS and get your work done so those bad days don’t seem as bad.
• I use to study whenever I felt good. Once I woke up feeling great, I studied a bit. 
• Learn to communicate with yourself.
• Learning to understand when you’re “tired” or “stressed” from studying, take a break.
• Don’t overwork yourself.

Now that finals are approaching, remember don’t wait till the “finals week,” to start studying for them. When your professor is on the edge of finishing the last few chapters before the semester ends, start connecting the dots to the previous chapters you’ve studied. Make it a game. 
Make up questions you would ask someone if you were testing them. 

I draw/sketch out figures from the textbook to help me visualize!
Here are two examples:

Hope you all have a great day!
Hopefully this entry was helpful.


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