Lawrence Van Treeck

Something I Am Proud Of:

I am proud of myself for learning to better manage my anxiety. It has been a long road, with lots of hard work, and I have learned a lot about myself and my anxiety. For example, it largely shows up in work environments, in large group settings, and with new people; however, I have learned skills, techniques, and remained faithful with working with medication to get to the point now that I can put myself in those situations for spurts. Sometimes those spurts can be a long time, and sometimes they are much smaller periods of time, but I am proud of myself for working through some of my anxiety and growing in my ability to handle it.

Advice For Newly Diagnosed:

I would say that it is important to surround yourself with a small and tightly knit circle that will be your support system. I used to think that everyone could be a part of my support crew, but I learned that not everyone is willing or ready to be a part of my journey, but there are some people. Those people will become vital to my journey and growth.

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