Enrico Barkhuizen

Something I Am Proud Of:

My story started when I was a kid, young and innocent. Living a happy life full of excitement and socialising. At least that is what everyone else saw. But in reality, the thing that they couldn’t have possibly seen or experience were all hiding inside me and my body, having no escape to let it all out. As I got older the symptoms increased and worsened. I started taking a bunch of meds after being admitted into a psychiatric hospital. As time went by, the pills became less effective and they decided to try Electro Convulsive Therapy. The treatment started working but ended up being ineffective after time. Now they have dosed up my meds and are giving time to see results. I am very proud of myself for being able to hold on this long and keep going.

Advice For Newly Diagnosed:

When I try to explain my feelings, they are ignored because they are what is “showed daily”. Others only see the “good” side (mania) of bipolar disorder. But what they don’t see is when the major depression kicks in after a manic episode. My message to the rest, I know it is very hard having bipolar disorder. But a little help from someone else may be able to help. You can dm me on instagram and we can start to chat and walk the road to success together. Try not to let others decide what you are allowed to feel, your feelings are valid and not by your own choice. Stay strong, you are loved!

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