15 Seconds of Uninterrupted Positive Thought

I am fortunate to be mentally stable and manage my bipolar disorder well.  That being said I sometimes have a tendency to not always have a positive mindset throughout my day.  At times negative things that people say or do bother me and I’m not able to let go of them quickly. 

In the last week I’ve come across an exercise which is assisting me in consistently having a positive mindset.  It comes from a book called “Creating A Bug Free Mind” by Andy Shaw.  The exercise is to have fifteen seconds of uninterrupted positive thoughts about one of the best moments in your life.  Focus on how you felt during that moment.  Also think about what you appreciated about that experience and what you’re grateful for.  Fifteen seconds may sound super easy to you, or it may sound very challenging.  Do it right now. 

Did you do it?  If not re-read the last paragraph and do it. 

What was your experience? 

I trust that it went well for you.  I suggest that you do this every morning before you leave home.  Also at any time during your day when you have a negative thought, especially about yourself.  If you can’t yet do fifteen seconds of interrupted thought keep practicing.  It is well worth the effort! 

If you want to take it a step further, I’d encourage you to do as Shaw suggests in his book.  Brainstorm all of the best moments in your life.  Write them down on a sheet of paper, ensuring that every moment written down is only associated with positive memories.  Spend fifteen minutes a day reviewing your list, ideally in the morning before you head out for the day.  While doing so focus on your feelings. 

I’m just making my list now and am looking forward to building this practice into my day! 

I’d appreciate you commenting on your experiences below. 

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