Tiana Guerra

Something I Am Proud Of:

I’m proudest of my commitment to help others the way others helped me. The more I learn about myself and disorder, the more types of tools I practice, the more I feel empowered to sit with and work through moments that are hard. Education not only taught me the unique way my brain works with bipolar but gave me something I can pass to others in my work as a case manager. One of the most beautiful lessons I’ve learned through everything is that we can create cycles of empathy and resiliency in our world.

Advice For Newly Diagnosed:

Seek out positive peer support and uplifting communities that have similar struggles or disorder/s as you. They can offer empathy, validation, education and empowerment. They remind you that you’re not alone and that a deeper understanding does exist. Don’t be afraid to let your unique voice or story be heard.

Why The IBPF Community Is Important:

Education and knowledge are power. IBPF provides that in many ways in addition to a sense of community for individuals living with bipolar. These are important tools to have access to, especially while in the process of healing and building our understandings. It’s not always easy but when we band together we can lift one another up.

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