A New Beginning

We all will rise with the burning sun,

one day’s ended, the next one begun.

As sure as time the light will prevail,

breathe out stresses, let go, exhale.


Each step you take feel the warmth all around,

as the dew disappears from the warming ground.

This healing light shone down from above,

warms your soul when push comes to shove.


For yesterday’s woes have let go departed,

today is reborn move forward get started.

Each tiny step closer to new goals,

as a fire in your stomach burns deep and gets hold.


Feel the stillness the warmth of the air,

no longer in pain with regret or despair.

Hold your head up high with grace with poise,

your free once again from the stench and the noise.


This is a gift this fresh start in life,

move forward with pride wash away strife.

You’ve got this next chapter it’s in the bag,

I see your soul dance when you smile or laugh.


So as the sun sets days drawn to an end,

you have survived a new day, you’ve got this my friend.

Tomorrow’s unwritten like a fresh page from a book,

but by will power alone surely it’s worth a look.


By the end of the month a new chapter is written,

a day by day page of strength your reader is smitten.

We will all rise with the burning sun,

one days ended a new chapter has begun.

Maggie Evans

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