Something I am Proud Of:

Before my hospitalization & diagnosis, I thought I had control over my mental health. I thought the really bad days were canceled out by the really good days. I thought my suicidal ideations were just intrusive thoughts that came and went. I thought my past traumas were just that – a thing of the past. Nearly 1 year later, I have made leaps and bounds with my recovery. I now understand my diagnosis & that I am not defined by it. I can now have good days without making impulsive, self-endangering decisions. And bad days where I can accept it’s bad but cope with healthy habits. I am alive.

Advice to Newly Diagnosed:

Diagnoses can be scary – but they don’t have to be. I remember crying after my psychiatrist told me my diagnosis, Bipolar II & BPD. I grew up in a time where those words meant people would avoid you. You must remember that you are not defined by your diagnosis, it is not something that you should be ashamed of. It is something that can help you grow and recover. Knowing where you fall in your diagnosis & what traits you display will help you know where to start & what coping mechanisms may work for you. Never let it hold you back, there is an entire community that is here to support you.



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