18 Ways to Distract from Anxiety

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We reached out to members of our audience for suggestions on how to best deal with day-to-day anxiety. Distraction was by far the most common response, so we broke those answers out here into these 18 ways to distract from anxiety:

1. Listen to soothing music

2. Cuddle with pets

3. Eat your favorite snack or have a cup of tea

4. Take a long walk

5. Exercise

“Exercise, exercise, exercise! I can’t go without it.” – Cindy












6. Do yoga

7. Play some sports

8. Read a book or magazine

9. Writing and journaling

“There are times where I want to let my thoughts out, but I really don’t feel like talking, so I scribble down my thoughts on random pieces of paper, in a notebook I keep in my purse, or whatever paper is near me.” – Melanie












10. Draw or sketch 

11. Color adult coloring books

12. Watch Netflix or other entertaining programs

“If you want to ‘get lost’ in something and really be distracted, Netflix marathons are awesome.” – Melanie












13. Play video games

14. Practice positive thoughts and visualization

“Rather than worry about an uncertain future, I plan and solve problems. If I can’t do that, I think about my happy place (usually at night before sleep) or my next craft project.” – Candy












15. Get out of the house (and shop, socialize or simply enjoy the day)

16. Clean

17. Humor and laughter

18. Nap, or lay down for a while

“I retreat to a safe place, sofa or bed, and stay there until I can get back up and function.” – Jennifer

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