A Transformative Approach to the Assessment and Treatment of Bipolar Disorder Postpartum


In this talk, Dr. Sharma discusses the prevention and management of bipolar disorder episodes in the postpartum period. He outlines challenges in the assessment of females at risk of transitioning to or having a recurrence of bipolar disorder after delivery, before discussing opportunities for prevention and early intervention. Despite the mounting evidence that childbirth is one of the most potent and specific triggers of mania, studies are not available on the effectiveness of targeted interventions in the prevention of bipolar mood episodes. Preliminary findings of studies at his center are discussed as well. The talk concludes by recommending a proactive approach with an emphasis on sleep regulation to prevent or manage mood episodes after delivery and beyond.

Dr. Verinder Sharma is a Professor of Psychiatry and has a cross-appointment to the Department of Obstetrics & Gynecology at Western University, London, Ontario. Dr. Sharma’s research focuses on the diagnosis and treatment of refractory mood disorders and peripartum psychiatric illnesses. Lately, he has devoted his research efforts to exploring the relationship between postpartum psychiatric disorders and bipolar disorder.

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