Assessing and Treating Suicidal Patients Diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder

Dorian Lamis, PhD, ABPP, is a Board Certified Licensed Clinical Psychologist and an Associate Professor in the Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences at Emory University School of Medicine. He provides direct clinical and administrative services in the Grady Memorial Hospital Behavioral Health Outpatient Clinic with patients diagnosed with serious mental illness (SMI) and/or are at-risk for suicide. Dr. Lamis’ research focuses on mood disorders, substance use, and suicidal behaviors in a variety of populations, and he has published over 150 peer reviewed articles and book chapters on these topics. In addition, Dr. Lamis is the senior editor of two books on suicide entitled Understanding and Preventing College Student Suicide (2011) and Advancing the Science of Suicidal Behavior: Understanding and Intervention (2015). He is the Director of Education and Training at the Injury Prevention Research Center at Emory and the Associate Director of the Postdoctoral Residency Program in Health Service Psychology.

Bipolar disorder (BD) is a severe, chronic, and relatively common psychiatric illness associated with an increased risk of suicidal ideation, attempts, and deaths. In this presentation, Dorian Lamis, PhD, ABPP will review the recent research on the association between BD and suicide risk as well as discuss evidence-based practices for assessing and treating BD patients who are at-risk for suicide. Moreover, Dr. Lamis will describe results from suicide-related studies conducted at the Bipolar Clinic and Research Program at the Grady Memorial Hospital Behavioral Health Outpatient Center.



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