Best Practices for Establishing and Maintaining Boundaries in Interpersonal Relationships


Interpersonal relationships and social connectedness are critical for mental health. However, relationships can also elicit stress that may lead to relapse in mood symptoms without adequate boundaries that facilitate care for oneself and others. In this talk, Dr. Freitag provides evidence-based strategies to practice the establishment and maintenance of healthy boundaries across relationships (romantic, familial, etc.). Much of this presentation draws from Dialectical Behavior Therapy and other treatment modalities that provide practical skills for navigating relationships.

Dr. Stephanie Freitag PhD is a licensed clinical psychologist based in Brooklyn, New York. She runs her own private practice where she treats patients in five states (New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, Florida, and Georgia). She most recently trained at the Emory School of Medicine where she is currently an assistant adjunct faculty member who frequently publishes research on bipolar disorder. In her previous role there, she facilitated evidence-based therapy groups for individuals with bipolar disorder through Grady Hospital’s outpatient clinic. Beyond her clinical work and research she is passionate about advocacy and believes strongly in fighting the stigma associated with mental illness.


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