Bipolar 101: How to Manage Bipolar Disorder Day to Day

Bipolar disorder is not a one size fits all disorder. Some people are living well; enjoying careers, relationships, families and so on. Others are in the throws of mania or depression, struggling to manage day to day.

What’s the secret to living well? In this webinar Gabe Howard will discuss ways to manage bipolar disorder day to day, and will share tips from his own experiences. His presentation will provide practical, hopeful, and honest advice to help people understand and manage bipolar disorder, but more importantly -to help people LIVE WELL in spite of bipolar.

Gabe Howard is a professional speaker, award-winning writer, and mental health coach who battles bipolar 1 and anxiety disorders everyday. Diagnosed in 2003, he has made it his mission to put a human face on what it means to live with bipolar disorder. Gabe was the recipient of the 2014 Mental Health America Norman Guitry Award, placed second in HealthCentral’s LiveBold competition, a Psych Central 2014 Mental Health hero, was a 2015 WEGO Health Awards Finalist in the Health Activist Category, as well as received a Best of the Web – Blog award. To work with Gabe please contact him via his website at or e-mail



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