Bipolar Disorder in School-What Every Parent Needs to Know

Dr. Rienzi Haytasingh is a practicing licensed educational psychologist who has devoted his entire professional career towards promoting the education of students with disabilities and differences.


As a Diplomate of the American Board of School Neuropsychology, Dr. Haytasingh has taken his appreciation for brain related differences in children, and used that knowledge to properly evaluation and set up individual programs for students in public and private educational settings.  

Dr. Haytasingh received his bachelor’s degree in psychology and child development from California State University at Chico in 1999, and his master’s degree in school psychology from National University in 2001. He earned his doctorate in school and educational psychology from Alliant International University, with emphasis in neuropsychology in 2005, and a post doctorate certificate in school neuropsychology from Texas Women’s University in 2006. He received his board certification in 2006 from the American Board of School Neuropsychology.  Before receiving his bachelor’s degree, Dr. Haytasingh worked in the department of psychiatry Tehama County Mental Health RTC. Dr. Haytasingh worked as a direct care counselor treating adolescents with dual DSM-IV diagnosis.  During his graduate level work in San Diego, Dr. Haytasingh worked as a therapeutic behavioral specialist, and case manager at Vista Hill Foundation, where he worked with at risk youth and families in the home and school diagnosed with mood conditions. At that same time, Dr. Haytasingh worked for the Southern Indian Youth Council treating Native American adolescents who experienced depression and drug use diagnosis. After he received his master’s degree, he served as a school psychologist for the San Dieguito Union High School District from 2001 to 2004. At that time he delivered services for the Coastal Learning Academy, which focused on educating students with mood conditions. Dr. Haytasingh worked in the Chula Vista Elementary School District from 2004-2006, where the focus of his services centered on children with autism. From 2006 to the present, Dr. Haytasingh has been employed by Sweetwater Union High School District (Sweetwater), where he has served as a school psychologist and site administrator for the special education department at Eastlake high School, Alternative Education, and NonPublic Schools throughout the county. He also serves on Sweetwater’s school neuropsychological assessment team. In his capacity as a school psychologist for Sweetwater, Dr. Haytasingh has developed and managed programs for students with special needs, provided individual and group counseling, implemented IEPs, assessed students with suspected learning disabilities, and autism spectrum disorders, and implements appropriate strategies for students suspected with neurological/ neuropsychological conditions that impact learning. Dr. Haytasingh has sat in over 2500 IEP meetings, where he was the district administrative designee. He currently holds responsibility for the IEP’s of roughly 60 students who are receiving individualized education services throughout San Diego in Non Public Schools, many of whole have significant mood difference that require alternative placements.   In addition to serving the students in the Sweetwater Union High School District, Dr. Haytasingh has taught and advised psychology graduate students for almost 10 years. He has mentored and advised hundreds of school psychology students in that time, with one message, “do the right thing for kids.” His teaching experience includes:  Assistant professor at Chapman University- Psychoeducational Assessment & School Neuropsychological Assessment, Ethics/Law- 2003-2008 Adjunct professor Alliant International University in the graduate school of education, Consultation for School Psychologists-2010 Adjunct professor, National University in the school psychology graduate program-Human Neuropsycholy-2009-2011. .Adjunct Professor San Diego State University in the school of education-Neuropsychological Determinants of Human Behavior-2008-current. .Assistant Professor/ Coordinator Brandman University-School of Education: School Psychology & School Counseling PPS-2011-Current.  Dr. Haytasingh has also been retained as expert whiteness for numerous due process & mediation cases for special education. He has worked in private practice since 2004, contracting with every school district in San Diego County. Dr. Haytasingh provides assessments to student with emotional and neuropsychological differences, and works with teachers, parents and districts to develop meaningful educational programs. Dr. Haytasingh also works with dozens of attorneys and advocates in providing independent educational evaluations, and program evaluations for students suspected of not making educational benefit.


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