Denial, Acceptance, Recovery; what stage of Bipolar are you in?

Christine F. Anderson, Author of Forever Different: A Memoir of One Woman’s Journey Living with Bipolar Disorder will be candidly speaking with us to discuss the three stages of Bipolar Disorder, Denial, Acceptance and Recovery. She will tell us what her first hand experience has been with each of those stages and will put into perspective what loved ones and caretakers can do to be supportive.

Christine F. Anderson was born in Brooklyn, New York. Tragically she was orphaned by her 9th birthday and was raised by her older brother. She was diagnosed with Bipolar I Disorder in 1987. Christine attended Pace University for her undergraduate studies and received her MBA in Marketing from New York University’s Stern?School of Business in 1991. She has traveled extensively and lived in New York City, Las Vegas and Los Angeles. She served a 70-month federal prison sentence for securities fraud between MCC Chicago and FCI Danbury, Connecticut.  

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