Dr. Marc Brackett- Emotional Intelligence: From Theory to Practice

Emotions matter. They impact learning, decision making, relationships,cwell being and mental health, and our overall effectiveness. In this presentation, I will discuss the ways in which emotional intelligence training can enhance children’s and adult’s lives. I will discuss the five key emotional intelligence skills of recognizing emotions in oneself and others, understanding the causes and consequences of emotions, labeling emotions using a sophisticated vocabulary, expressing emotions in socially appropriate ways, and regulating emotions to achieve one’s goals. I also will discuss how RULER, our center’s evidence-based approach to teaching emotional intelligence (1) fosters emotional intelligence skills, (2) improves academic performance, (3) enhances well being, (4) reduces bullying, and (5) enhances classroom and school climate.

Marc Brackett, Ph.D., is Director of the Yale Center for Emotional Intelligence, Senior Research Scientist in Psychology, and Faculty Fellow in the Edward Zigler Center in Child Development and Social Policy at Yale University.   


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