Gabe Howard: My Path From Mental Illness Patient to Mental Illness Activist

In this “tell-all” webinar, Gabe discusses his decision to be completely open and honest about everything he has gone through, including his decision to live openly. While some applaud his honesty, others question his decision to live so publicly.

Gabe holds nothing back as he candidly discusses all aspects of his life. From hyper-sexuality, two divorces, substance abuse, psychiatric hospitalization, job loss, family alienation, suicidal idealization, along with all of the discrimination and stigma he faces daily, there isn’t much he hasn’t experienced while living openly with bipolar disorder. Gabe covers his life from before diagnosis to the present and focuses on how his choice to “go public” has affected him personally, professionally, and mentally.

Gabe Howard is a motivational speaker, mental illness blogger and writer, and award-winning advocate who lives with severe mental illness. Realizing that ignorance was a direct cause of the fear, discrimination, and stigmatization faced by people with mental illness, he has made it his mission to increase people’s understanding about these disorders. 


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