Words to Say, Things to Do: How to help your loved one living with Bipolar Disorder, and yourself

Susan J Noonan MD, MPH

Dr. Susan J. Noonan is a physician, author of five books, a website and blog on managing mood disorders, a speaker, consultant, long-term patient living with depression on the bipolar spectrum, and a Certified Peer Specialist.  She currently serves as a consultant to the Massachusetts General Hospital and Mclean Hospital. As a physician who has counseled, supported, educated and advocated for those living with—and those caring for—a person who has a mental illness, and as one who has personal experience in living with the illness, she bridges that gap between provider and recipient of mental health care services. Her interest is in bringing illness management strategies to the many people who do not have access to health technology, adequate mental health care, educational programs or the opportunity to learn these skills in any other way.  She draws on personal experience and evidence-based medical information in her writing, interviews and presentations to convey concise and practical advice for an individual managing a mood disorder and for families caring for someone with a mental illness. Her books, published by Johns Hopkins University Press, include: Managing Your Depression: What you can do to feel better (2013); When Someone You Know Has Depression: Words to say and things to do (2016); and Take Control of Your Depression: Strategies to help you feel better now (2018), and Helping Others with Depression: Words to Say, Things to Do (2020). She has just now completed writing book # 5, Staying Sane During Social Isolation and the Covid-19 Pandemic.

You can find Dr. Susan J. Noonan’s website here.




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