Julie Fast: Relationships And Bipolar Disorder

Do you love someone with Bipolar Disorder? Relationships create opportunities for happiness, love, and support during the tough times. If you love someone with Bipolar Disorder, you already know the challenges faced by the person with the illness. Here are a few strategies to help turn bipolar disorder from a struggle to simply an illness that can bring a couple closer together.

About Julie Fast: Julie lived with untreated bipolar disorder for over 15 years until she was finally diagnosed with the illness in 1995. Since that time, she has devoted her career to educating people affected by the illness, especially health care professionals whose clients have bipolar disorder. Julie knows the importance of medications, but equally emphasizes how family, friends and health care professionals can help those who live with a mental illness. Julie has worked with over 100 organizations since 2002 providing insight into the world of mental health from a personal and social perspective. Clients include OHSU, Pacific University, NAMI, DBSA, Pacific Power, Cedar Hills Hospital, Geminus CEU training, PESI CEU training, Mental Health America, Monterey County Mental Health and many more. Julie was a board member for ASHA International for ten years. She currently works with law enforcement and mental health organizations educating staff on the interaction of cannabis and mental health disorders.

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