Lucky 13: The Bipolar Coach

Diagnosed bipolar as an adolescent, Paul experienced all the pain and suffering mental illness has to offer. Self-mutilation started at the age of 12. Drugs, alcohol and suicide attempts soon followed. After a decade of medications and mental hospitals with no success, Paul underwent electroconvulsive therapy starting at the age of 22. Before his 30th birthday he had received nearly 50 sessions of shock treatment. At 31, Paul stumbled upon a program called the Lucky 13 which is a program designed to help people with severe health challenges complete a half marathon. He didn’t have any physical disabilities but certainly an emotional one. He worked up enough courage to apply for the program. He was accepted and his life changed forever. Paul quickly realized his training had little to do with running a race and everything to do with taking control of his mental illness. He felt so empowered by his physical and emotional transition that he went back to school, became a personal trainer and a coach for the Lucky 13 Program. Paul now runs the Lucky 13 Program and lives for the opportunity to help those who have suffered most transition into a life of joy.

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