Meditation, Medication & Magic

Kimberly Knox is a multidisciplinary inventor and of note, a patient with Bipolar I. 

Ms. Knox was educated around the world, completing her Bachelors degree in Philosophy of Art and Science at the Union Institute and University. Her patented inventions include US6476069, “Compositions for creating embolic agents and uses thereof” (11 patents), and (US61757086 pat. Pending) Moodwatch, among other notable contributions in chemistry, biofluid mechanics and biomechanical engineering, including awards and publications.  

Her work in fine art and fine jewelry include bronze, fiberglas and fiberglas reinforced plasters, glass, gold, platinum and precious stones with a permanent installation in the collection of The Los Angeles County Natural History Museum. The integration-in fact a fusion-of science and art seem to almost compliment this complex mental condition. 


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