Mental Illness Unmasked – Lessons learned on how to live and thrive in the face of mental illness with Hakeem Rahim

In Mental Illness Unmasked: Lessons learned on how to live and thrive in the face of mental illness, Hakeem will share lessons from his 16 year journey with mental illness.   Hakeem will describe his framework for moving from Diagnosis to Wellness.  He will also explore conceptual lessons he has found essential to live and thrive in the face of bipolar disorder.  Whether you are looking for guidance on your new diagnosis or advice to get through college with a diagnosis, or have been living with bipolar disorder for an extended period of time this webinar will be useful.

Hakeem Rahim, Ed.M, M.A. had the distinct honor of being the first African-American male valedictorian in Uniondale High School’s history. He went on to graduate with a BA in psychology from Harvard University, and dual masters from Teacher’s College, Columbia University.Hakeem is a graduate of iPEC, an accredited life coach training institute and is a de Bono Group, LLC consultant. In 2007, Hakeem founded Live Breathe, LLC. Live Breathe, LLC is a professional consultative services company that focuses on mental health advocacy and educational consulting. Hakeem is an experienced public speaker most notably on the mental health and education topics.In 2012, Hakeem began speaking openly about his 14 year journey with bipolar disorder. He is a certified National Alliance of Mental Illness (NAMI) In Our Own Voice speaker and the NAMI Queens/Nassau Let’s Talk Mental Illness presenter. Through his speaking and advocacy work, Hakeem has spoken to law enforcement officials, individuals with mental illness and their family members and to over 4,100 high school and middle school students. Through Live Breathe, LLC, Hakeem offers mental health: speaking engagements, professional development workshops and holistic mentorship sessions. Hakeem is also a poet and recorded spoken word artist. You can find more about him at and more about LTMI at 

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