Mindfulness for Depression, Anxiety and Stress

Dr. Marchand will explain the basics of mindfulness and describe how a mindfulness meditation practice can benefit those with bipolar disorder.  He will discuss using mindfulness to manage depression, anxiety and stress.  He will provide a step-by-step guide to developing a mindfulness meditation practice, which includes using a very brief meditation during episodes of high stress and emotional discomfort.

Dr. William Marchand is a board certified academic psychiatrist with over 23 years of clinical experience.  He is currently a Clinical Associate Professor of Psychiatry at the University of Utah School of Medicine.  His research interests involve using functional brain imaging to increase our understanding of human neural circuitry as well as investigate the causes of bipolar disorder and major depression.  He is a mindfulness practitioner and teaches Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy to individuals with bipolar disorder and other psychiatric conditions.  He is the author of Depression and Bipolar Disorder: Your Guide to Recovery.


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