Navigating the School System with Ann Douglas

What do parents need to know in order to be effective advocates for their children within the school system? In this inspiring and empowering webinar, Ann Douglas, author of Parenting Through the Storm (, will share practical strategies for making a difference for your child at school. Topics to be discussed include:
  • how to forge and maintain relationships with key adults at your child’s school
  • how to recognize opportunities to advocate for your child-and how to seize those opportunities
  • why it’s important to keep detailed records
  • why it’s important to seek support from other parents, and 
  • how to prevent little problems from snowballing into even bigger problems.
Ann Douglas is an award-winning journalist and the author of 27 books. She is also a columnist for Conceive Magazine and a regular contributor to a number of pregnancy and parenting magazines and web sites. Douglas has been featured in numerous publications and she leads parenting workshops, is keynote speaker at parenting shows across North America, and she teaches parenting courses through such highly respected parenting organizations as the Ella Centre for Pregnancy and Parenting and Parents at Work. Douglas is a member of the Expert Advisory Board for Invest in Kids, a nonprofit Canadian charity that is developing a national parenting curriculum for parents. Douglas and her husband, Neil, have four children


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