Runaway Mom : My Sanity After Bipolar Induced Postpartum Psychosis

The lessons learned in her story will inspire all moms baby blues, bipolar, depression, or any kind of mental illness.

Maggie Reese was stricken with the most severe type of bipolar disorder and her life fell into utter chaos. She had to be committed to a psychiatric hospital but eventually she overcame her challenges and became a happily adjusted adult, married to the love of her life and leading a good life. This story is chronicled in her first book “Runaway Mind.”

Shortly after giving birth, Maggie spiraled into as rough a psychotic break as you can imagine. She lost all touch with reality putting her newborn baby, herself and everyone around her into danger.

Runaway Mom: A Race to Regain my Sanity after Bipolar-Induced Postpartum Psychosis is Maggie’s second book to tell the hard-earned story of recovery from her devastating postpartum break.

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