Understanding the neurological and biochemical factors underlying neuropsychiatric disorders: Opening new pathways to treatment

A great deal is now known about the neurobiology and biochemistry underlying a wide range of neuropsychiatric disorders, including bipolar disorder, depression, schizophrenia, and autism. Understanding the biological basis of these disorders has aided in the development of more effective therapeutic strategies that draw from a range of holistic and integrative health approaches. This presentation will look at some of the new findings in the neurobiology of psychiatric illness and how novel interventions aimed at altering brain chemistry can have a positive impact.

Dr. Suzanne Goh was born and raised in Toledo, Ohio. She graduated summa cum laude from Harvard College and was awarded a Rhodes Scholarship to pursue graduate studies at Oxford University. She went on to attend Harvard Medical School and to complete her residency training in pediatrics and neurology at Massachusetts General Hospital and University of California San Francisco. She then joined Columbia University where she served as Co-Director of the Developmental Neuropsychiatry Clinic. She oversaw a multi-disciplinary team of physicians and psychologists working to provide the best medical and behavioral treatment to children and adults with neuropsychiatric disorders. 

She currently has a private practice in San Diego, California (see www.gohmd.org).


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