Attitude of Gratitude for Thanksgiving

Outside its cold, inside I’m warm as I sit down to drink my hot cup of herbal tea and write my blog. Usually each month when I submit my blog, I address a certain topic that is important in the mental health community, but this month I want to focus on what it means to be thankful. How many times are we so focused on our troubles, and we forget to count our blessings! Life is not easy, there is pain and loss and brokenness all around us. Yet in the midst of the life, no matter how dark the night seems, no matter how crushed we feel, we have something to be thankful for! 

This year has been a tough one for my husband and me. I could choose to focus on what I don’t have, but I know that if I don’t appreciate what I have now, then I’m not going to appreciate what I eventually receive. I may not have a home yet to call my own, but I’m safe in the shelter of God’s never changing love. 

I have friends who took us in, and embraced us with love, who sacrificed and welcomed us. I’m not wealthy, hubby is still looking for regular work, but he starts substitute teaching come January even a few days a week. When I think about the richness I have in the relationships that are in my life right now I feel rich. I feel rich in their love, in their continuing support and in their ongoing prayers. 

I’m thankful each day I can wake up and live life to the fullest. Each day I have is a gift that is given to me to use, to reach out, to encourage those less fortunate, those who are hurting. Each day I have air in my lungs to breathe, each day, I look into the eyes of my husband and feel his love envelop my heart. How can I not be thankful! 

When life hurts, we hurt, because we are human. Thinking about how much I miss my uncle, as the year anniversary of his passing approaches next week, I’m thankful I had the time with him that I did. I’m thankful that I still have a loving family in my corner, who are there for me. I’m thankful for my best friends who without them, I wouldn’t be here. I’m thankful for my godchildren, who have filled an empty void in my heart, and I can recall the precious memories made with them.

Choosing an attitude of Gratitude is not always the easy road to take. It does give us a new outlook, so instead of focusing on what you don’t have this Thanksgiving, focus on what you do have and realize others don’t even have that!

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