Something I am Proud of:

Simply starting my mental health journey. Walking into a therapist’s office, admitting I was afraid of myself and had tried everything under the sun to calm that fear was the hardest thing I’ve ever done. The awareness of my diagnosis, medication, love of friends and family, and work with my therapist has given me a life free of that fear. I believe relationships with others really are the only currency worth a damn, so, hopefully, fighting that fear will help me love others more.

Advice for the Newly Diagnosed:

Go easy on yourself. Receiving a mental health diagnosis can trigger a lot of feelings and take time to process, but knowing yourself in a new way can be such a gift for self-grace and gratitude. Also, go to therapy even when you’re not in crisis. While therapy is obviously wonderful in times of crisis, I think it can be even more helpful when life feels light. When your energy isn’t consumed on one massive problem, you’re free to explore other avenues of growth and healing.

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