Something I am Proud Of:

I am proud of myself for having the wherewithal to recognize that something was wrong. I always thought that I was suffering from depression, but my gut was telling me it was more than that. I took the steps needed to connect with my therapist and then a psychiatrist. My professional life was good, but in my personal life, I was suffering, as were those around me, because of my mental illness. I am so thankful that I trusted myself enough to seek help. Because I did, I am stronger, more stable and more connected to the people important to me.

Advice for Newly Diagnosed:

It’s ok to feel devastated with your diagnosis. But also remember that it’s a new door opening for you. I remember feeling a sense of relief with my diagnosis, because it gave me an answer to the question of, “what is going on with me?” The diagnosis gives you a name for what you are living with, but does not define your life. Lean into it and lean on the people that are there for you. Trust your doctors, but do your own research too. Learn as much as you can about it so you can figure out how it affects you. This will lead to finding the best treatment options. Lastly, don’t feel ashamed. Feel proud that you know what you are dealing with and proud that you are taking care of yourself.


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