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Dr. Eleora Han

Dr. Eleora Han is a licensed clinical psychologist and writer whose work focuses on depression, bipolar, and stress related disorders. As a doctor, patient, and person living with bipolar disorder, she understands firsthand the pain that it can bring and the critical difference that treatment, support, and hope can make in healing and living well in the face of the illness. Her personal experiences deeply inform her work with her patients and inspire her to write to help others struggling with mood disorders know that meaning and purpose are possible — that through darkness can come greater light and wholeness. She is the author of Grieving the Loss of a Love: How to Embrace Grief to Find True Hope and Healing After a Divorce, Breakup, or Death, and is currently working on her next book on fighting suicide, Hope That’s Real: 100 Reasons for Living. You can find out more about her work at


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