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Finding the Right Medication

There are a lot of tools people with bipolar disorder use as a part of their treatment plan. Medication is one of the main tools used, along with therapy and self-education. We asked our volunteers about their experience with medication, they share what they have learned in this article. 

Finding the Right Medication 

Finding the right medication or combination of meds can be a journey. The journey begins with making the decision to try medication. Then it can be a long process of finding what works. 


I want to talk to you all about something that I experienced very intensely when I first started taking medication. What happened was I felt a very strong dull feeling inside. I was no longer feeling the lows, but I was also no longer feeling the highs either. So, I was just left with a sort of bored feeling constantly. 

When Asked to Give Advice

A few of my friends who know that I have been diagnosed with bipolar have come to ask for advice on how to help someone they know, someone who seems to be going off the rails. 

Recently an ex-colleague asked about how to engage a friend who has stopped taking his medication. She was concerned because his mood swings were still evident and he had been starting numerous projects without finishing them. 

My Best Advice About Living with Bipolar Disorder

When I’m high, I can fly.  When I’m low, I sink into the deepest, darkest place.  I keep wishing I could change this.

One of my medications in particular gets me through the day.  It’s actually supposed to help with anxiety, but it sort of has the opposite effect on me.  I’ve realized that without it, I am worthless.  Less than worthless.  I just want to sit there.  To merely exist.  I don’t want to rely on pills to get me through life, but I know I have to.  I know because I’ve gone off my meds.  Many times.  I felt better, so I thought I didn’t need pills.

A Song About Lithium

Today I am focusing on Evanescence’s song Lithium. Lithium is a drug sometimes associated with bipolar disorder since it has been fairly successful in helping stabilize manic and depressive episodes. Lithium was first used to treat mania in 1970. Kay Jamison wrote about the benefits of the drug in “An Unquiet Mind” stating

The Side Effects of Side Effects

“I’d rather been skinny and crazy than fat and sane.”

And that is no joke. We talk about side effects of our medications but what about the side effects we get from the side effects of your medication. I’m talking about fat. Yup. A woman’s favorite word to hate:

F A T.