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The Powerful Impact of Yoga and Meditation with Bianca Zable

Bianca is an integrative health and wellness educator, yoga and mindfulness teacher, and social change entrepreneur. She is Founder of Be Integrative Wellness, an integrative health and wellness firm, yoga instructor, somatic experiencing practitioner-in-training and social change entrepreneur. Bianca's intention is to be in service to the fullness of the human potential.



My thoughts are wild. Untamed. Running wild like mustangs 


My mind is a minefield. One wrong step and it’s blown 


One day bad. One day good. 


One day fast. One day slow. 


One day guided. One day misunderstood. 


My mind is slow and fast at the same time. Like an anchor being pulled by a race car. 


Exiting The Blizzard Meditation

There is a saying, that we are as “unique as snowflakes”, that “no one is the same”, by just being human. I knew there was something happening in my mind but all of a sudden, I was grouped together with a bunch of especially unique snowflakes that were sort of like me. Like a strong blizzard, you can tell there are snowflakes but you can’t see or appreciate that each are uniquely made when you're falling in your own because sometimes we, as consumers, are our own blizzards.

Six and a half year itch- Part One

On Wednesday, December 11 of 2013 I ended up somewhere I never thought I’d be a psychiatric hospital unit room in Calgary, Alberta, Canada.  After having a manic episode.  It was also the exact same unit that I was in during my last manic episode in May of 2007.

How did I end up in here again?!

I had been admitted to the hospital around breakfast time the day before and to be honest had mostly rested that day.